SpaceClaim is a fast and innovative 3D direct modeler system. SpaceClaim makes it possible for engineers to quickly set up conceptual designs and prepare 3D designs for prototyping, analysing and production.

Why would you choose for SpaceClaim?

  • Fast and reliable
  • Makes it possible for anyone to work in 3D
  • Can read and edit all CAD-formats
  • Best price-quality ratio

SpaceClaim Engineer brings 3D Solid modelling to the desktops of engineers and analytici who work in a 3D world, but don't want to become an expert in the traditional feature based CAD systems.

Direct modelling is a revolutionary way to work with 3D models because it focusses on what has to be designed instead of the theory behind the designing proces. Contradictory to the traditional feature based CAD systems, with SpaceClaim Engineer, CAD data can be re-used or mixed up with geometry from other designs. A model or a design can be placed where necessary, regardless of how it was built or in what CAD system it has been designed.

Create new concepts with SpaceClaim and share them with other engineers even before the detail design phase is reached. From out of nowhere, you design with SpaceClaim just as easily and freely as if you would be doing it on the backside of a napkin. SpaeClaim can delete unwanted featues and simplifiy modelling. Models can be prepared for analysing of production, whereby you can optimize without being constrained by the initial purpose of the model.

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