Milling is a machining operation where material is removed by a rotating tool. This technique can be applied on metal, plastic and wood. Defining the toolpath is crucial to become a correctly finished product. Also important are to strive for the most optimal milling conditions. Better machining conditions will lengthen the life of your mill drastically. A good CAM software can help you to define the toolpaths and the right machining conditions faster and more easily.

Produsoft distributes CAM software packages with which milling machines can be controlled. Edgecam and WorkNC are top products for the control of milling machines. Each of these software packages has specific features and specialties. Depending on the demands of the product the customer sets, one of these products will be the best solution.

We would like to give you advice about the best solution for your production. Furthermore, Produsoft also distributes the NCspeed verification and optimalisation software. Thanks to this software, the toolpaths can be simulated even more in detail and further be finetuned.

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