Can you imagine? A machine that adjusts the power supply and speeds to the forces on the mill. If there is a lot of material to be cut, the feedrate is reduced. If there is little material to be cut, the feedrate is increased. NCspeed optimizes your NC code no matter what CAM system you work with. This optimization results in a time gain of up to 50%. In addition to this optimization, NCspeed also ensures full monitoring of the NC code. It takes into account the maximum forces that come, optimal speeds, collision control, stock calculations ...

How does NCspeed work?

NCspeed is a software system for the simulation of 3- and 5-axis milling processes. The milling process is optimized with regard to machining time and process safety. Furthermore the checking of NC-programming is possible.

Based on a volumetric simulation NC speed can analyze the material removal process during milling. This principle enables a visual checking of the milling process. NCspeed shows for this purpose a shaded display of the continuously machined geometry. Due to this, it is possible to detect fault in the NC-program before a machining crash occurs.

The optimization component of NCspeed calculates the material volume to be cut by the milling cutter and adjusts the feedrate to the actual engagement conditions. The more material is to be cut, the slower is the feedrate and vice versa. Based on this principle a new feedrate profile is generated.

Monitoring and optimizing these data brings the following advantages:

  • A 20% reduction in machining times
  • A reduction in cutter costs due to NCspeed's adaptive feedrates
  • Totally reliable machining processes thanks to the software's tool loading control
  • Detailed display and verification of the part before running the job on the machine because in today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers have to make optimum use of their production resources.

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