MBD en PMI ondersteuning voor de VERO software producten

MBD en PMI support for the VERO Software products

29/05/2018 - 10:23

The most recent releases of Edgecam Designer, WorkNC Designer and the powerfull CAD viewer and analyse tool WorkXplore offer support for Model Based Definition (MBD) and Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI). Thanks to these developments, manufacturers and suppliers can make a new step towards Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

Vero Software develops it's software systems in a very fast pace. Every 6 months, new releases are out with the introduction of new functionalities and the enhancement or extension of already existing ones. One of the msot recent developments is the support for PMI. Both WorkXplore and Edgecam/WorkNX Designer support the use op PMI. Supporting PMI in CADCAM software is an important condition with regard to Industry 4.0, in which we assume a paperless factory.

Review and analyse PMI-data

One of the first steps towards Industry 4.0 is the simplification and control of data flow. Suppliers are more and more asked to be able to read PMI, which is generated by the leading brands of CAD software. From generating quotations to verifying geometric or form and place tolerances of the components to be produced, WorkXplore always offers a very easy solution to review and analyse 100% of the exported PMI-data.

Safe and reliable

PMI-data eliminates the need for 2D sketches. On top of this, the sent data are safe and reliable. With the exceptional level of PMI data recovery (for example the recovery of 'scene' information in Catia files) WorkXplore offers it's customers the ability to easily and economically enter the world of Industry 4.0.

STEP 242

Also the support of the new STEP format 242 is a very important development in regard to Industry 4.0. STEP 242 can be imported in Edgecam as well as WorkNC Desinger. Of course this format is also for the full 100% supported in WorkXplore.

Compatible with other CAM systems

WorkXplore and Designer are development in this way they can, apart from Vero's CAM solutions like Edgecam and WorkNC, also be added to other CAM systems. Many companies around the world are already using the powerful opportunities this software offers.

MBD en PMI ondersteuning voor de VERO software producten
MBD en PMI ondersteuning voor de VERO software producten
MBD en PMI ondersteuning voor de VERO software producten

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