Product in de kijker: Edgecam Strategy Manager & Workflow

Product in the picture: Edgecam Strategy Manager & Workflow

27/03/2018 - 14:49

While generating proper machning code is extremely important, such duties can be wasted on those with strong manufacturing skill sets.

Things can be different! With Edgecam Strategy Manager and Workflow, this proces can be automized based on the knowledge already available within your company and your production could be raised with 400%.

Strategy Manager

Edgecam Strategy Manager makes it possible to create rules for processing only once on the basis of the knowledge and working methods available within the company. In this way, reliable and consistent NC programs can be generated quickly.

The software offers you the possibility to save the working knowledge and methods of your best craftsmen and to automatically apply them to each successive piece. The strategy manager recognizes the different parts of a certain model on the basis of feature recognition and determines the optimal machining strategy to mill this part.


With Edgecam Workflow you then determine the most optimal sequence for each component to carry out the various operations. Workflow analyzes the model, isolates parts for certain machining methods and recognizes the required production method to automatically generate the CNC code. Here, the number of changes of tools and working plane is kept as low and efficient as possible.

The operator can adjust this pre-arranged order within the mechanical and physical possibilities. Human errors are thus reduced to a minimum.

Workflow shortens the time needed to program a component thanks to the simplicity of the interface and thus also significantly reduces entry for new users.

They already made the switch

Meanwhile, many manufacturers already use the Edgecam software. Since virtually all file types can be read by Edgecam, programmers of these companies no longer have to redraw the geometry. Also proofreading of the code became superfluous thanks to Edgecams CNC code verification and simulation modules.

Programming is now much faster. It is no longer unique for each programmer, but a standardized process. This means that process upgrades, which were previously avoided, can now easily be implemented with Edgecam.

Thanks to Edgecam Strategy Manager and Workflow, such companies realize an average gain of 400% in productivity. A job that used to take 3 to 6 hours in complex and repetitive programming is now being carried out in less than 30 minutes. The average programmer processes up to 5 times more jobs. On top of that, production can start about 2 to 5 hours earlier than before, which shortens the delivery time.

With Edgecam Strategy Manager and Workflow, your production costs can also be reduced by a fifth, inventories will shrink and secondary setups will be nearly eliminated. But the most important progress is that your highly trained programmers will no longer be involved in entering data and can now concentrate fully on improvements and optimization of the processes.

Features at a glance

  • Reduced cycle times and lower costs
  • Reuse of existing manufacturing methods and already proved strategies
  • Shorter programming times
  • Consistent and predictable programs
  • Minimal chances of programming errors
  • The NC-code can directly, without any changes, be sent to the machine
  • Easy to implement
  • The entire process is graphic, so there's no need for any knowledge of programming languages