Produsoft op Global Vero Conference

Produsoft at the Vero Global Reseller Conference

26/04/2018 - 11:38

Form the 23rd till the 26th of april, some members of the produsoft Team travelled, together with 250 other CADCAM specialists and salesmen from all over the world to Portugal to attend the Global Reseller Conference organised by Vero. Representatives of 38 different countries, all together goof for 1500 years of CAM experience, came together to discover the latest product development, discuss future projects and get a view on Vero Groups businessplans. Succes stories were shared and the necessary netwerk contacts refreshed.

Produsoft presents succes story

Each year, several countries get invited to reveal a succes story from their own business. Our employer and specialist in everything which concerns WorkNC, Marnix Dick, gave together with ex-college Peter Ameloot (now Business Development Manager by Vero Software) a presentation where he brought forward a Belgian case.

Sporty tradition

Besides all these informative presentations, luckily there was also some time left for amusement. That made, as a yearly tradition, some sports enthusiasts pick up their running shoes to keep a friendly running race. No less than 76 professional salesmen went into battle with each other. This time, not by selling the right CAM-package, but to keep the honor of their counrty high by running.

Produsoft op Vero Global Reseller Conference
Produsoft op Vero Global Reseller Conference
Produsoft op Vero Global Reseller Conference