Radan 2018 R1

Radan 2018 R1

11/01/2018 - 09:58

We understand that metal is precious in your business. With our software Radan, you can reduce your material usage up to 9%. Radan calculates the most optimal nestings, wich makes it possible to drastically reduce material costs. Find out below what the latest version of Radan has to offer.

Radan 2018 R1

To get the very latest developments to the customers as quickly as possible, Radan comes with two new releases each year. This way, you never need to be working with software that is more than six months old.

Optimised fingerstops with Radbend

Radbend allows for improved part alignment in the press brake and reduces the number of fingerstop movements required betwee bends, which lakes the proces a lot safer.

Default views

Designers can bring up a front view, side view or isometric view instantly in both Radbend and Radan 3D.

New project nesting system

This 'big performance upgrade' could improve material usage by around nine percent over a year. A new algorithm provides a different approach to optimising a range of nests. The software now looks at the entire nest rund and reduces the number of overall sheets instead of focusing on how full each individual sheet is.

Profiling: 6 updates

  1. Lead-n placement for tagging has been optimised.
  2. Additional support for automatic filleting: greater control over where they are placed.
  3. laser users can now create fine marks (ex. bar code, text, number) to identify parts.
  4. Additional support for cutting circular holes with higher accuracy on plasma CNC machines.
  5. Following the contours of a part when creating offcuts saves more of the material, reducing wastage even further.
  6. Enhanced flycutting for fiberlasers: the machine doesn't stop during an entire operation, which reduces cycle times.

Improved usability

Finally, there are some smaller enhancements that, all together, improve the usability of Radan.

  • Built-in Teamviewer
  • Just one click to update the stock list in nest projects
  • Improvements to the process of chaninging programs from one machine tool to another.
  • A more natural way of manoeuvring around the parts to select features.
  • Optional Analytics system helps Radan developers gather evidence of how customers use the software, so each new release can focus on the industry's requirements.
Radan 2018 R1
Radan 2018 R1
Radan 2018 R1
Radan 2018 R1
Radan 2018 R1

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