Sheet metal

Under the name 'sheet metal', we understand all operations for the manufacturing of sheet metal. From the traditional punching, to the more recent techniques like lasercutting, waterjet cutting and plasma cutting for both flat and deep-drawn sheets. Also bending becomes more and more important. Produsoft delivers several software packages to optimize the management and organization of these operations.

Radan is the fully integrated CAD/CAM system for the sheetmetal industry. With Radan, you can realise shorter preparation times, reassure the quality of these preparation and offer optimal flexibility to the production. Radan offers a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution for designing and unfolding sheet metal products, nesting and NC-programming of sheet metal machines.

Besides the 2D lasercutting, we are also specialized in 3D lasercutting, more precisely in driving more complex multiple axis cutting machines. Here, we think about the lasercutting of tubes and the cutting of preshaped sheets.

SpaceClaim is the most innovative CAD solution for the design op sheet metal parts. Sheet metal design has never been this user friendly.

For the 2D lasercutting, waterjet cutting, plasma burning and punhcing, we also deliver the software Peps.

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