VISI Mould

VISI Mould provides an integrated CAD/CAM solution for injection moulds based on industry-specific automation that guides the user step by step through the mould development process. This allows for the rapid design of a mould. A common challenge for mould makers is modifying the end product, leading to significant time loss, a situation you may well recognize. VISI offers the right capabilities to efficiently handle product changes quickly and comfortably. With the Compare Solids function, you can immediately see the differences between the original and revision, and with just a few clicks, apply these changes to all components.

VISI Mould offers the following benefits:

  • Analysis of undercut angles
  • Core and cavity splitting with multiple parting lines
  • Simulation of tool movements, such as slides
  • Simulation of the injection molding process
  • Cooling channels
VISI Mould

"VISI CADCAM helps us to facilitate efficient collaboration between our engineering andproduction," says Laurens from Jadima Fijnmetaalbewerking BV.


Industry specific libraries

With VISI, you always have instant access to a database containing all the components you need to create your mould or die. Naturally, you can supplement or modify this database with your own components.

All these components are intelligently used in your drawing, allowing you, for example, to quickly move an element. In this process, all linked 2D/3D information is automatically moved in all related components, such as the object itself, cavities, and tool paths.

You can also automatically generate a bill of materials (BOM) with VISI. Manufactured and purchased parts are automatically separated and provided with the correct item codes as defined in your ERP solution.

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The electrode module of VISI is unparalleled. With this module, you can quickly and efficiently generate electrodes and verify their proper functioning.

VISI Electrode offers the following benefits:

  • Create and modify spark electrodes in just a few clicks
  • Gap allowances in all directions
  • Spark holder library
  • Collision control
VISI Elektrode

2.5D Milling

VISI Machining 2D provides a practical, intuitive, and straightforward solution for CNC programming, including indexing for 4 and 5 axes. Knowledge-based feature recognition will automatically select features directly on the fixed geometry and generate reliable milling and drilling toolpaths.

2.5D frezen

3D Milling

The machining of extremely complex 3D parts is addressed by VISI Machining 3D. Smart toolpaths are created for the most intricate 3D components. With specific high-speed milling techniques and built-in smoothing algorithms, highly efficient NC code is generated. Thanks to these intelligent toolpaths, machine cycle times are reduced, productivity is enhanced, and consistently high-quality components are produced.

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