Unrivaled ease of use combined with advanced capabilities make EDGECAM the best all-around CAD/CAM system for machining operations

Why use EDGECAM?

Whether you want to program turning, milling, or wire EDM operations, EDGECAM  offers the right balance of ease of use and capabilities. From simple 2.5D operations to complex combination operations like multitasking, programming can be done quickly and comfortably. The software is used in various industries such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, aerospace, as well as in machine building, mold making, and in many tool shops. From precision machining to large-scale machining, it's all possible. EDGECAM DESIGNER is the ideal addition if you want a complete and user-friendly 3D CAD solution.


''Thanks to Multipart Programming, we can seamlessly combine various components with just a few clicks! This allows the machine to run for longer periods without requiring an operator to take action"  says Michiel Verhegge, CADCAM programmer at Verhegge metaalconstructies.



Whether it's complex 5-axis simultaneous machining of double-curved surfaces or simple 2.5D milling operations, with EDGECAM, you can efficiently and seamlessly generate job preparations and CNC programs. This allows for significant cost savings and time efficiency.



"The programming of 14 components used to take 21 hours. After implementing the EDGECAM Strategy Manager, this has been reduced to 1 hour," says Robbert-Jan van Kleef, project manager at Rademaker BV.


Turning and multitasking

Whether it's simple 2-axis turning machines, turning machines with multiple turrets and/or spindles, or even multitasking machines, these can be quickly and highly automatedly programmed with EDGECAM. The machines can be fully simulated in detail, allowing you to check the programs for errors and collisions.


Wire EDM

The wire EDM module is in a class of its own. With EDGECAM, you can program your wire EDM machines quickly and efficiently. One of the major advantages of programming with EDGECAM is the support for machine technologies. This means you no longer have to program anything directly on the machine itself. The feature recognition automatically identifies the geometries that need to be machined, allowing you to program the contours directly.