RADAN is an independent CADCAM solution for sheet metal processing.

Why use RADAN?

Elevate your sheet metal processing to a higher level with RADAN, an advanced CAD/CAM software specifically designed for the unique requirements of sheet metal fabrication. Whether you're manufacturing complex parts or aiming to maximize efficiency, RADAN provides a comprehensive solution that enhances your productivity while ensuring precision.

The key features include:  

  • Advanced design capabilities: 
    Create complex sheet metal components with intuitive design tools and enhance your design capabilities.
  • Efficient nesting: 
    Minimize material waste with optimized nesting algorithms for maximum efficiency.
  • Powerful CAM functionalities:
    Simplify the programming process with advanced CAM functionalities, ensuring smoother production.
  • Real-time simulation: 
    Visualize and optimize your machining processes with real-time simulations, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.
  • Seamless integration:
    Easily integrate RADAN into your existing production workflow and streamline processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Accurate costing: 
    Estimating costs can be time-consuming, with RADAN, this process is automated, allowing you to determine the cost of producing your parts with just a few clicks.

Why the RADAN-PRODUSOFT combination? 

RADAN is more than just software; in combination with our expertise, RADAN provides
complete automation from order to end product. Rely on our years of experience in sheet
metal processing technology to take your business to new heights. Save costs, enhance
accuracy, and optimize your production with RADAN CAD/CAM software.


Laser en ponsen

Lasercutting and punching

RADAN RadCAM is the machine-independent NC programming system for punch/nibbling, combo, laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, and waterjet cutting machines. In the Benelux, over 500 sheet metal machines are controlled with RADAN. The universal approach for every machine, regardless of brand or type, results in maximum productivity for your job preparation.


Radbend is the machine-independent offline programming system for press brakes, which can significantly enhance the productivity of your valuable press brake. Radbend brings speed, quality, and flexibility to your organization. Ultimately, the use of Radbend results in a lower cost for your products.