The 'best-of-breed' CAM software that generates the most reliable and efficient toolpaths. WORKNC for model, mold, and tool makers!

Why use WORKNC

WORKNC is designed with the goal of simplifying and accelerating the programming of highlycomplex parts. In this context, not only the speed of the programming itself is important but also the speed at which toolpaths are calculated. This system calculates exceptionally fast, applying to both small and very large components. This allows you to quickly program dental implants as well as highly complex and large mold components or models.


WORKNC offers milling solutions from 2D to fully 5-axis simultaneous milling. Especially for complex and large models, this is the ideal CAD/CAM software to work quickly and comfortably. Do you have a workstation with 24 cores? WORKNC will utilize all cores to calculate toolpaths as quickly as possible. It is unparalleled in this aspect! With the addition of DESIGNER, you also have access to advanced CAD functions alongside CAM.

WorkNC Frezen

Dental CAM

WORKNC Dental offers many advantages, making it the best choice for your milling applications in a dental laboratory. These benefits apply not only to milling soft materials but also to milling hard metals and ceramics. The development team is world-class and continues to develop new features and algorithms to continually improve the milling process and provide innovation for the dental industry.



In this powerful CAM software, a complete robot module is integrated. With WORKNC Robots, the full range of strategies (2, 3, 3 + 2, and simultaneous 5-axis toolpaths) is available on the robot. Thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive interface, it is easy to generate complex toolpaths for all types of materials and robot configurations.



The innovative machining strategies and computing power of WorkNC prepare your business for the future!

Make a difference with WORKNC. The computing power combined with user-friendliness makes it the ideal CAM solution for complex milling operations. There are specific solutions for complex molds or models where the size of the models is not a factor. In addition, there are specific modules for applications such as dental and robot programming.