DESIGNER is the ultimate CAD solution for creating and optimizing geometry for an optimal production process.


DESIGNER is the number 1 CAD solution supporting CAM. Direct modeling frees the user from the constraints of traditional 'history-based' modeling systems. Instead of adjusting long strings of parameters to modify a design, with direct modeling, one can directly push, pull, and drag the geometry to achieve the desired shape.


"DESIGNER helps me to perform the preparatory CAM tasks very easily, efficiently, and therefore much faster," says Kees Schoeman, lathe operator at Hadley Group.



DESIGNER offers many capabilities for creating and preparing the 3D model for CAM. This is essential for production planners and programmers. The covering function is an example of a simple and user-friendly feature to expedite the CAM process. This function can be used to cover holes to complex cavity shapes with just a few mouse clicks.

CAD voor CAM

Direct Modelling

Direct modeling allows the user complete design freedom. Whether creating a new part or modifying an existing design (possibly from another CAD system), with DESIGNER, this is done comfortably and effortlessly. Knowledge of how the original model was constructed is no longer necessary, and design changes are always possible, regardless of how the geometry is set up.

direct modelling

Model adjustments for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies often encounter the problem that supplied CAD models are not entirely correct. This can include issues such as tolerances or corrupted CAD files. With DESIGNER, a model can be quickly and comfortably adjusted to "average" tolerance. Additionally, small gaps between surfaces in imported models can be automatically healed, preventing the time-consuming process of rebuilding very small surface patches. Where surfaces are damaged or missing, the edge curve is automatically created, making it easy to create new surfaces with the many possibilities that DESIGNER offers in this regard.

Model aanpassingen

Modelbased Definition

DESIGNER can read Product Manufacturing Information from 3D solidmodel files. Nowadays, this PMI is increasingly stored in 3D CAD files, rendering 2D drawings obsolete. This makes DESIGNER an essential step in the production process.

Modelbased Definition